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Humble, yet bold.  Practical, yet spiritual.  Peaceful, yet powerful.  Loving and yet no nonsense.His life is marked by anointing, prayerful perseverance, rigorous study, scholarly excellence, consistency and the favor of God.  The goal of his unique ministry is to maintain the high standards of Pentecostalism and Holiness but escape the parameters of legalism and man-made tradition.  He does this by presenting the living Christ to a lost and dying world with the message of redemption, restoration and reconciliation to the most disenfranchised in today’s society, especially the youth.  With anointing, urgency, fervor, humor, wisdom and parables they can understand, he reaches the lost, mentors the found, and guides to greatness those that many have forsaken, forgotten and abandoned.


At a young age, he dedicated his life to Christ in the mid-seventies.  His desire for spiritual growth helped him to realize the call of God for even more service.  In 1985 and seven years following, through the Jesus Outreach Deliverance Ministry, he ministered throughout the United States to the incarcerated, as well as evangelized to “whosoever will.” After faithful service to the Lord, Elder Gilmore was elected to the pastorate of Holy Temple United Holy Church of America in Newburgh, New York in 1994.  He currently holds the position of Superintendent of the Northern District Bible Church Schools (UHCA) responsible for the development of effective Sunday Schools in 95 churches.  In August 2005, he became the pastor of St. Rose Pentecostal Church       (United Holy Church of America) in Washington, DC.


Elder Gilmore attended the United Christian College and received his Bachelors and Masters in Theology.  In addition, Pastor Gilmore has attended Nyack College and earned a Bachelor’s degree in business.  He received a Masters degree in Elementary Education and Special Education and a postgraduate degree in literacy and reading cognition from Hofstra University.  At Bank Street College, he participated in the “Principal’s Institute” program and then earned a Masters degree in Administration and Supervision.  He is currently teaching in Prince George’s County Public Schools.

As a faithful servant of the Lord, he has shared family and ministry with a helpmate, Elder Gail Gilmore, for 27 years.  They have a son, Angel.

“The only solution to life’s problems is a life surrendered and submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ.” 


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