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Elder Gail Gilmore is a native of Brooklyn, New York.  Elder Gail Gilmore is a God fearing woman.  As a daughter of Mount Hope UHCA, she was taught that you had to be  built on a firm foundation.   She is definitely  a  praiser.  She  believes  that you need to read, study and adhere to the Word of God.  This way not only will you be able to praise Him, but out of a pure and sincere heart.She accepted Christ and was filled with the Holy Ghost at an early age. She has been running for the Lord since that time.  She has served in many capacities not only in her local church but also in the United Holy Church.  At Mount Hope, she served as the choir director, Financial Secretary and trustee.  At Holy Temple (the previous pastorship of Elder Anthony Gilmore), she served in many areas.  As First Lady of St. Rose Pentecostal Church, she serves as the Chairlady of the Women’s Ministry and the Teacher of the New Members Class.  In the United Holy Church she serves as the Chairperson of the Education Department of the Northern District, the Chairlady of the Northern District Women’s Department, and a Vice Chair of General Church’s National Women’s Day.

Elder Gail Gilmore was selected by the New York City Board of Education and given a full scholarship into a special program called the Principal’s Institue at Bank Street College.  This program was for outstanding teachers who showed grreat gains with their students.  Bank Street College is an accredited school in New York City.  At Bank Street, she received her Masters degree in Supervision and Administration.  She also graduated from Hofstra University, Long Island, NY. She earned a Masters Degree in elementary education and special education.  She continued her post graduate studies at Hofstra and earned a professional Diploma in Reading Language and Cognition.  She also earned a Bachelors degree in Business.  She is fully certified and can work in the United States as well as internationally. She previously served as a Principal, assistant principal, and teacher in the New York City Board of Education.  She is currently supervising in The High School Consortium for Prince Georges County Board of Education.  She also had her bibical training from the United Christian College and the E.T.T.A  program. In all of these capacities, she did and does have a vital impact on students as well as teachers by showing them that being Christ-like is a walk and not just a talk.
In 1981, she met Anthony Gilmore and the two became one in 1985.  This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship of husband and wife, friends, and co-laborers in the kingdom of God.  They are an exemplary example of what a healthy Christan marriage looks like.  They have one son, Angel.
When a man ways please God, He will give him the desires of his heart. 

In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.


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